So many words, so little time!

I am just in the mood to write today. Church was excellent, as usual. I really enjoy my church. My son told me the other day that he wanted to be a Pastor or a Scientist. What he would really like to do is become a missionary, but that is scary and dangerous. I thought it was pretty cute. He […]

Fantastic Fall Mornings…

Ahhh…. What a lovely day it is today. Hubby and his buddy are off hunting today. I hope they get something! I am up early. It is brisk and fall like this morning. The grass has a nice crunch to it when the mutts run across the frozen ground, and the smell in the air is so refreshing that it […]

Recycled paper, banana chips, and acupuncture

Today was a busy day. I had acupuncture today, which always does weird things to my function-ability. Today not too much impact. I still came home and made more paper, dried banana chips, did a bunch of laundry, cleaned my kitchen and of course made dinner, finished putting up my tomatoes, and spent quite a while checking every store in […]

Fall and Spring

Hello Everybody! It has been quite brisk the last few days, which leads me to think about my favorite seasons, Spring and Fall. Today we had blustery little snow flurries. It lasted about ten minutes and you had to be watching or you missed it! I was driving in my car, and I had an overwhelming desire to shout out, […]

A gorgeous fall day

Hello all…I suppose it is not technically fall yet, but it sure feels like a gorgeous fall day. The leaves are doing their thing, the sun warmed air feels nice against the cool breeze. The garden has been put to bed, with the exception of a few small clean-up projects I have left to tackle. The need for the Rescue […]

What a week it’s been!

Well, nothing has gone as planned for the last two weeks. Visitors who were supposed to visit didn’t. Both of my guys got sick. One day of school this week, after two sick days, only to learn that there is no school tomorrow or Friday. I have been trying to stay motivated to keep moving forward despite a house full […]

Blog Moved!

Well, I learned how to move my blog, and it fits right in without a glitch. You can’t even tell which days were in which blog. Anyway, that being said, man it has been a long time since I have posted. I have much on my mind. The entire family has been sick. The Rescue Ranch is coming along nicely, […]

Moving the blog back

well, I found another blog site that I really loved. I hung out there for a couple of months, and now I have gotten an email that I must move i, as they are shutting the site down. That is so unfortunate. I was really enjoying that page. It is a wordpress blog, but the dashboard is nothing like this […]

Beads, the flu, and a wedding

So the hubby took off today for his the wedding, we are going to follow behind in the morning. I am still getting an abundance of weird drama phone calls, from people I have not heard from in years. It is the strangest thing. I am in a great place today though. I made one of the prettiest necklaces I […]

It’s about to get crazy…

Well, today was my official last day of peace and quiet for a couple days. The last couple of weeks have been weird, and the last couple of days have finally slowed down, just long enough to let me take a deep breath. I got the housework caught up, as it really got behind while I spent two weeks in […]