Pen to paper

Today I just have a desire to write. Nothing in particular, and a whole lot of everything on my mind. I have found my brain to be full of fleeting thoughts today. The latest being my resume. I was thinking about qualifications I might possess. It just went in and out, but was a moment of passing moments. Times and […]


What does one say on a day like today. Every muscle in my body is in protest, and I am oh so tired… I am numb with shock and joy, and so overwhelmed with the beauty of last nights event that I cannot even wrap my brain around it yet. I think we raised around fifteen thousand dollars for my […]


What a nice day it has been. Wednesday is kinda my day of rest. I don’t get to rest on Sunday, because there is always a lot going on, but Wednesdays…perfectly restful, and so, as a pattern of restful Wednesdays erupts, I have decided that Wednesday is my day of rest. Oh, I still have to do things like make […]


Finally! Snow! At least I think that is what the white stuff coming out of the sky is, and it is supposed to snow all week! Oh thank the Heavens! It has been way too long! I saw on the news last week that we are 80 percent below normal snowpack halfway through the snowfall season. Oh dear Lord, please […]


I have focused all of my energy on the upcoming fundraiser, and let me tell you, I am exhausted. Well, I take that back, I was getting there, but I got some good sleep last night, and today I am very refreshed. I am however, feeling the extra responsibility of managing an event like this one. I am enjoying it, […]

Blessings in disguise

It’s funny, how I get overwhelmed, and want to write. It’s how I keep the thoughts from spinning around and around in my head. When I write them down, I can forget them, at least temporarily as I can always look them back up if I need the information. I have found it to be a useful calming and organizing […]

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