Fighting to beat the odds…

Today I feel as though I am fighting against the world. I woke up in a wonderful, well-rested, and happy place. I am moving along nicely on my deep cleaning of the house, taking at a pace I am comfortable with. It was not to messy to begin with, so I don’t have a lot of pressure about it. I […]


Ahhh change, and a little more sweet relief! My husband finds himself traveling for a period of time, and the guest on the couch has to go. It was already determined that he would leave before hubby did. It just didn’t feel ok to me, to have my husbands best friend sleep on the couch while he was away. It […]


I hesitate to write this post. I must be honest, I am afraid you will see the “real, raw” me. I have been in this funky mood for two days, and I finally feel the urge to write, but dang, the cynicism is overflowing in a way that I am not sure I want the public to see. My husband […]

Ahhh…sweet relief!

Relief…where do I begin? I woke up this morning, in a strange town, in a strange bed, with pillows taking the place of my husband. Thankfully, I felt well enough to go on my adventure, but today was the first day I had no pain and swelling was minimal. I am blatantly aware of little blessings today, and the relief […]


Ahhhh, finally, some relief. The last two weeks have been pure torture. I cannot even begin to express the pain that I have had in my face. For several years now, I have had a tooth or two that need root canals. I have no dental insurance and have not been able to get them done, so I just fight […]


Isn’t it strange how one day you can have so much clarity, and the next you are wondering if you have any of it right? My world has been upside down for almost a month now, and inside out for a couple of weeks. It has been an interesting course of events, this past month. It finally snowed here. I […]