BRoken seems to be the theme in my life this week. My body is broken, my dishwasher is broken, my washing machine appears to be broken, although that I believe is vaporlock. Still don’t know, but I saw what the dishwasher was doing this morning, and that is FOR SURE not vaporlock. I don’t believe in coincidence, but how strange […]

Welcome Spring!

With the first day of Spring upon us, I cannot help but think of the cycles of life, particularly death and rebirth. We ushered Winter out with a huge snowstorm yesterday, and I wonder how my Chives, Crocuses, and Tulips are doing under all that heavy snow. I am sure they will be fine! I love the way God planned […]


Today I am thankful for..My life, and all of the ups and downs it took to get here. I am thankful for my special ability to see the good in the most negative of situations. I am oh, so grateful for a chance to do God’s work, and especially that He gave me special skills for helping, sick, wounded, scared, […]

What a strange place I am in today. So far the pamper me time is going great, but today I have no desire to do anything at all. My house is clean, my plants are watered and the baby sprouts are coming up, getting ready to head out to the greenhouse.  Spring is in the air, the chives and crocuses […]

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