So, after what feels like the longest period of rest in my life, I believe that I have finally been released from it. I woke up the other morning, with a sudden realization of what was causing this pain to persist, and got it all fixed up. I am so thankful for the release, but now that I think about […]

Normalcy returning…

Oh thank you Lord! I can feel a sense of normalcy returning to my life. It has been almost four months of wondering if I was ever going to be a productive human being again. I have had no desire to do any of the things I enjoy, like use my dehydrator and garden. Well, some of that I desired […]

Today I question the appropriateness of a blog entry. I have been itching to write to you all, and yet, holding back for some reason. My subject matter is heavy. Bright, but heavy. I have a desire to share my love of The Word with others. I am fascinated by the intricacy of this book. The way it comes to […]