Today was a rough day for me folks. I have been hiding in that place HSP’s go when they start to think that no one understands them. I have been holding it together for quite a few days now, but very short in the patience category.   Today, I lost it on my husband over a stinkin Costco card. I […]

That first irreversible step

Good day folks! It is a gorgeous day. Cool and rainy, but I have found that those are my favorite days any more. I am settling in nicely, the “jet lag” of driving for two days is passing, life is returning to normalcy. As my day wore on yesterday, I started thinking about the reservation dogs, and did some research. […]

And…back again

Well, I have landed safely back at my home, and WOW! My brain is full of culture shock! I can’t even begin to process, I have tried to fathom writing it out, and I just can’t wrap my brain around anything, it seems. My best girl bud is gonna come over and process through some of it with me, and […]


Well, I made it home. Driving was uneventful, and I am so proud of my son. What a road warrior! He rode in the car with me for 22 hours, and didn’t complain once. He learned how to be co-pilot, and how to read a map, and I gotta say, he did excellent. Vacation is vacation, as usual. We are having a […]

Movin’ right along

So, I made myself this ridiculous list, you know, best case scenario, everything I would like to have done before I leave. What I would like to come home to. So far, I have shocked myself and completed the ridiculous list two nights in a row now. Wonderful! I feel a bit like bragging today. My mom is always telling me that […]