Growing Pains

Good Sunny Day, my friends! Today I reflect on growing pains. From my own, to my loved ones, to perfect strangers I happen to come in contact with. I find myself reminding myself calmly that these growing pains are a part of moving forward with life, becoming more mature. A source for lessons. The college of life. I have patience […]

A time for rebirth

Good afternoon and Happy Saturday my friends! I hope this post finds you all well and enjoying the freshness of Spring. As of late, I have found myself so completely overwhelmed, that I have not had the focus to figure out which responsibilities need to take priority and which need to wait. after a couple nice sit down meetings with […]


Oh my darlings! It has been so long! I have missed you. Of course, start-up has been so busy, and life so consuming, that combined with my hand injury, typing my blog had to get moved to a back burner. I find myself longing for this place, and have moved it back to the front burner. I cannot wait to […]