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Ahhhh, Fall. I am sure you all know how much I love Fall by now. Its so fresh and crisp outside. The fire roars inside. Gray and bleak with rain or warm and sunny clean up days, are all just fine by me. One of the things about living in a mountainous forested region that I most love, is the smell of Fall. Its so glorious!! I could get drunk on the air in the morning before the dew has dried. Fall brings my favorite kind of change. Hibernation season. Winter. Oh I love being stuck at home with a foot of snow on the ground around me. Silly as it may sound, I love the slower pace of life that the seasons dictate out here. The trees are bathed in a rainbow of colors. The animals are present, looking for the last available food of the season. I am ready to harvest my catnip, but it seems about the only thing the bees have left and it is just swarming with pollinators. I cant bring myself to take it from them yet. Fall clean up is upon us and the place looks great. Hubby built me a new perennial bed for Spring (you know I will be just as excited about Spring, right?)I cannot wait to plant it! But first we must get through winter. I am having so much fun doing these product reviews. It seems like I am lucky to receive items that are both useful to our family and arrive just as needed. This week, just in time for the cold and flu season, I received a free digital thermometer in exchange for my honest opinion on the product. Well I am either getting old, or this is the coolest thermometer I have ever seen. To be fair, I still have an old mercury thermometer in my medicine cabinet. I think it is the best, but this new digital thermometer is pretty stellar. If has a soft flexible tip on it. It has a backlit display, I sure would have appreciated that feature in the wee hours of the morning when my boy was small. It has an alarm that notifies you of fever. Its fast. Water resistant. It can even be used on the forehead?! That surprised me. For Rescue Ranch purposes I would certainly think about keeping a couple of these on hand.


this is a pretty sweet thermometer. If you want to check it out for yourself you can find them here. I hope that you are all having a lovely week, and that none of you find yourselves in need of a thermometer, but if you do, that is a good one. Have a blessed day my friends. I look forward to sharing more goodies with you later this week.

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Just in time

As you all know, my darling readers, I have started doing product testing reviews. Well, let me tell you, September has been a rough month. Learning I had Celiac disease and then going through the steps of cold turkey detox and learning about it has been harrowing. Who knew that gluten was physically addictive? I certainly didn’t, but the things I have learned in the past couple weeks made my head swim. Unfortunately, one of those things, is that gluten produces exhorphins which target the opiate receptors in your brain. Taking them away causes an actual addictive withdrawl detox response. It hurt. It was angry and rageful. It comes fully equipped with the itchiest rash you have ever experienced. I cannot tell you how thankful I was when I received a free bottleĀ of therapeutic grade Lavender oil in the mail in exchange for my honest opinion. It comes with a dropper top included. The company that manufactures it is New York Biology. The oil itself is light, clean, and refreshing. I quickly put a few drops in my diffuser and started applying it to this most itchy rash for instant soothing. I will turn to it every time the itch flares. I found this oil to be a quality product at a good price, I would buy it again and I would recommend it to my friends. If you are interested in checking it out for yourself, you can get a bottle here. I will most certainly be purchasing from this company in the future.


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Rainy Days of Fall

Oh Hello My darling friends! It has been quite some time, hasn’t it? I hope this post finds you enjoying the glories of Fall as it does me. Oh how I love Fall! I could go on and on about the glory and splendors of Fall. Crisp fresh air and dreary rain as nature beds down for winter. The fire roaring to life on a rainy forty degree morning with coffee steaming blissfully in front of me. I cannot help but revel in the magic of it all. The seasons fading in and out with grandeur. The colors so bright, and the air so crisp. How can one not love the warmth fall invites us to embrace?
And with that embrace comes cleaning up. Getting ready for our own hibernation. Preparing for the long, cold, delightfully dreary season to come. Its time to put away the garden and yard. Its time to close up the cracks and clean the chimneys. Winter is nearly here and its time to get ready. Time to pull out the hats and boots and gloves and get ready to face mother nature at her least forgiving time of year.
I love the clean up. I love the purge and the organization. With it comes busyness and much productivity. Many tasks come equipped with instant gratification. Cleaning the mess left over from those brisk Fall nights and beautiful color changes just so happens to be one of those instant gratification tasks. I love the look of the yard and porch when cleaned well one last time for the season and put to rest for Winter.
Just in time. I received this cool new sprayer nozzle for my garden to try out and review. It was sent to me by the company, as a free gift to review honestly. Wow do I love it! I would buy another for the other four hoses in a heartbeat. It has so many features and functions that I don’t even know where to begin! I can’t think of anything they missed. It has a rotating head that allow you to spray nearly any direction you choose and allows for ergonomic use of the trigger. It has nine different spray setting options, as well as a high/low pressure adjustment knob. The package includes an irrigation cap for manual watering of indoor plants as well as extra rubber washers. The sprayer has a comfortable fit in my hand and a continuous use function for the handle to ensure comfort. It is a heavy duty spray nozzle, and with the amount of gardening we do here, that is important. I am thrilled with this product and would most certainly purchase from the company in the future. While I received the item at a free or reduced price to try it, it is reasonably priced for what you get. I have spent far more money on far less quality of product. I would happily recommend it to my friends. If you want to check it out, you can get yours here.
I tried the nozzle briefly. Pressure was great and no leaks or drips anywhere they shouldn’t be. On that note, I can not wait to get out there and get that porch and sidewalk clean. See you soon my friends! Enjoy and God bless!