Since I wrote yesterday, I have spent much time in deep contemplation. Shortly after I published my post, a friend showed me #notokay. I am on a rollercoaster my friends, and I have decided that we just need to keep following up. We need to have this conversation. Desperately. For months now I have been hearing the whisper “prepare yourself”. […]

Comfort Zones

**Language Some times God calls us outside of our comfort zones. Well, today is that kind of day for me. Today I am going to go places publicly that I have never gone before. I am going to do so without shame. Without fear of backlash. Without really caring if you hate my words, because they need to be said, […]


Oh glorious snow! What a joy to wake up to several inches on the ground! Oh how I love the time of year when we put the landscape to bed for the year and focus on the inside work. Today, as I gleefully showed off my pictures of the snow like a kid on Christmas morning, I was disheartened slightly […]

Spoiled Rotten

Oh my darlings, today I come to you feeling downright spoiled rotten. I am so surrounded by blessings at every turn, I cannot even begin to express the joy of my blessed life. Gifts are knocking on my door every day. Both spiritual and physical gifts. The days are crisp and full of Fall transition, as a matter of fact […]


My Darlings! So much to talk about tonight! What a busy week it has been! I must say, since finding out I have Celiac and going gluten free, I have found the energy I lost. All of it. It is just non stop go these days! Today, after a very lovely church service, the hubby and I went for a […]


Well Hello my friends. How was your week? It has been quite splendidly meandering its way through Fall here. Snow in the mountains this morning made for quite a delightful sight. Its crisp, and the fire has been burning. Its just divine out there. I love wrapping up the Summer months and preparing for a cozy buckled down winter. The […]