Back on track

  Back on track! Phew. I am pleased to tell you that I am happily coming to you today to tell you about a new cookbook that I received free via kindle, in exchange for my honest opinion. Luckily for you there is a current sale and they are offering the kindle download free on amazon right now. This is […]

What to do?

As you all know by now, I am part of a group which does reviews on products in exchange for a drastically reduced cost on the item. Being part of this team requires active participation. Can you imagine how many people would take advantage if it didn’t? For this reason, there are deadlines on reviews, which we have some control […]


Hello my friends. Today quiet is the word of the day. I feel so incredibly quiet. It seems unsafe everywhere. Best to just keep your mouth shut and keep to yourself. I am torn between wanting to be a force of fierce love and light in this time, and wanting to go into a dark corner and lick my own […]

What are you perpetuating??

My loves! What on Earth is going on? We all know the popular concept that if you smile at a stranger, they in turn will smile at another. Darlings! Look around you. How are your facial expressions today? Today I sit back, feeling grounded, and watching the countries response to this election. I am not shocked at the response, but […]


Today I am feeling thankful for this sweet pet grooming glove that was sent to me at a free or reduced price in exchange for my honest opinion. I have five pets. Two cats, and three dogs. All are rescues and very different in conformation. I thought that my short haired pets would be the ones to approve of this […]