Living my words

Good morning and happy Monday, my friends. Its been a few days but I haven’t forgotten you. Just been busy living my words. It was barely moments after my last post that I started getting big, messy gifts from God. One thing after another, they were piling up faster than I could open them. Boy did I find myself having […]


So I have made a commitment to you, my friends. I made a decision to put my gift of words to use and make a point of staying consistent with it. I promised you that I was going to be here, sharing uplifting words and insights with you, on a consistent basis. Well, it only stands to reason that after […]

As the wind blows

Wind is not my favorite of the elements. While I recognize the importance of it, I find it truly unsettling and disruptive. Today we have 65 mph wind gusts and I find that even within the protection of these walls, it is wreaking havoc on my focus. As I find myself confined to my warm and cozy home, again I […]

Where does your food come from?

Hello my friends! I hope today finds you comfortable and full of gratitude. I am thinking about food today. I am full of humility and gratitude as I thank God for the birds that we slaughtered today. I found myself in a spiral of thought about food. Specifically our relationship with our food. I wonder how much the world would […]

Spring thaw!!

Oh the cabin fever! I Have been going stir crazy waiting for the thaw. This is not me. Typically I don’t get cabin fever until much closer to Spring, but I think being sick and bedridden so long has really got me antsy to get to doing productive things. Plus, I am craving sun so badly that I would drink […]

Too long

My dear Friends, It has just been far too long since I have made the time to sit and ponder with you. So much going on around us, where in the world do I start? I could start with any of a number of topics, but I think that cabin fever is the top spot today. My goodness this has […]