a flicker of hope

Oh good day my friends! How are you all today? Oh, I am so, so well! I tell you, you have got to try this! I LOVE cleaning out these rooms. I can not stop, like a wildfire out of control, I just keep going, and it is easy not to burn out, because as I get each room worked through, I look at the next one and start thinking of how awesome that room will be, and what I am going to do with it. I gotta say, the inspiration is outstanding. I LOVE the way it feels in the rooms that are done, and I can almost picture the whole house feeling this good…getting closer! I just cannot express with words alone how great the rooms that are de-cluttered feel. I cannot put in black and white how good it feels to send bags of stuff out the door, whether it be trash or someone else’s ┬átreasure. I am already finding myself saving money and being way, way more productive.

It has been pretty amazing how this has all worked out. I had a plan to start the rooms on the weekend when hubby was home, and work through them during the week while he is at work, but it would mean a lot of stagnant sitting while I wait for him to come home and help me move furniture between rooms. I was ok with it, but blessing of all blessings, he got a call two days into it and was told he was on indefinite vacation till they get another bid. Oh it made my day! He has been so helpful, so supportive, and quite frankly, everything is going so much smoother than it would be if he was not here.

Well, just a short note this morning friends! I have a whole dining room that has been cleaned and is now waiting for me to put back the belongings that I am keeping and putting in there. I must say, one of my favorite things so far, is how we managed to create a make-shift pantry, much like I have always dreamed of (only on a much smaller scale). It feels so wonderful to see my food all lined up nicely in rows…and to know exactly what I have. Fabulous! OK, back to it….until next time, many blessings my friends!