A gorgeous fall day

Hello all…I suppose it is not technically fall yet, but it sure feels like a gorgeous fall day. The leaves are doing their thing, the sun warmed air feels nice against the cool breeze. The garden has been put to bed, with the exception of a few small clean-up projects I have left to tackle. The need for the Rescue Ranch becomes more apparent every day and I find myself staring at the business plan template, wondering what’s next all the time. Today I was asked to help find a home for a young mature Border Collie who needs a job and an understanding family, but sounds like the most precious little animal. If I was set up and ready as a rescue, I could go get him today, and he could be happily frolicking in my fields right now! The ten year plan, that was my big plan for today. It got thrown off when I became distracted by waiting for the mail. I am expecting some Reba McIntyre tickets int he mail, the show is tonight, and the person taking me couldn’t make it so she next day expressed them. I spent the day kinda going about my day, while being distracted with one ear on the front door. The neighbors got their mail…nothing for me though. Bummer, looks like the concert might be off. Secretly, I am ok with that. I would like to go, and if they show up I will be thrilled, but if not, I would get just as much pleasure from quilting a pair of hotpads, or making a bead strand. I think I would even get great pleasure from just writing the ten year plan, which I think will go very quickly. I would enjoy a face mask and a hot oatmeal milk bath as much as well. I had a nice girlfriend chat on facebook, and now I am back to finish my post. It doesn’t look so promising on the tickets, but no big deal. I guess I can put them in a scrapbook as the vacation that didn’t pan out for my cuz. Well, I better go get myself presentable, just in case UPS shows up in the next half hour. Later my friends.