A time for rebirth

Spanish Creek wildlife shoot 091

Good afternoon and Happy Saturday my friends! I hope this post finds you all well and enjoying the freshness of Spring. As of late, I have found myself so completely overwhelmed, that I have not had the focus to figure out which responsibilities need to take priority and which need to wait. after a couple nice sit down meetings with a couple of my board members, I have some focus, and a better grasp of my priorities, but still just feeling so overwhelmed with the mundane. I have refused to let myself stop going. I have been determined to continue to keep going, no matter how tired, overwhelmed, or even just completely exhausted I may be. I keep thinking “There will be time for fun later”. How did I ever let myself fall into that trap? And so, with new priorities in hand, I still face the mountain of things to do, and am accepting new expectations for myself. For a few weeks now, I have heard a specific forest area calling to me, and on a random, spur of the moment whim, I whisper to my husband “Wanna go for a drive”. Of course he was as surprised as I was, since our plan was originally to bust out a couple big projects together. It just feels like all of our time is about seeing how much we can get done together, and the desire for a vacation, and the chance to leave it all behind for a minute, is just overwhelming me beyond words. So I embrace the desire to walk away for a minute, and we take a nature drive with my new camera. Hubby and I both have photography backgrounds, but lighting was awful. Still it seemed the thing to do and so off we went.

I am so glad we did! Wow what an amazing evening for a drive. A specific wealthy man owns a very large, very pristine piece of forest near us, and it is open for the public to drive through. We were so blessed to see tons of wildlife. It felt like we were in a drive through zoo. We saw a Moose mama and babe. A couple different sets of Elk with offspring, lots of Bison, a pair of coyotes lounging on a hillside, a Sandhill crane, a Bald Eagle, a few deer, and on the way home, a cute little Rock chuck. My favorite was the moose. How often do you get to see such a beautiful site? Moose are hard enough to spot in the wild, but with a baby too?! I was thoroughly refreshed by the time we drove home. Spanish Creek wildlife shoot 018

Just look at her majesty! Breathtaking, awe inspiring, intimidating. Powerful and gentle, all at once. Clumsy and graceful, embodied within her. Protective and nurturing over her young. A force to be reckoned with. Thank You God! Thank You for her! Thank You for this glorious Earth, and for a season of rebirth, for inspiring me to go out and relax, and for rewarding me so richly when I heard you saying take a break, and finally gave into it. You are amazing. Your creatures are amazing. My heart went from racing fast with anxiety, to racing fast with the adrenaline that comes from getting a very special glimpse at nature. I am so thankful that I got to see so much of that primitive state last night. Thank you for letting me steal a glimpse into their worlds last night Father. It was just what I needed to get me refreshed and rejuvenated and pounding the pavement with a smile again (and I promise, nature breaks).                         Spanish Creek wildlife shoot 004 Spanish Creek wildlife shoot 052 Spanish Creek wildlife shoot 059 Spanish Creek wildlife shoot 060 Spanish Creek wildlife shoot 099 Spanish Creek wildlife shoot 053 Spanish Creek wildlife shoot 091 Spanish Creek wildlife shoot 081 Spanish Creek wildlife shoot 103Spanish Creek wildlife shoot 014 Spanish Creek wildlife shoot 019 Spanish Creek wildlife shoot 020