So I have been very productive today. My feet are aching I have been on the so much today! Feels great. It’s taken a long time to get to a place that I feel like I had a normal “me” day again. I gardened, despite the hundred degree heat. This heat is relentless. It is normal for us to get a week of this, but its been six weeks now. So incredibly hard for me to find my mojo in the sweltering heat! I sorted through some stuff, packed some stuff, got some house plants cared for and got my geraniums planted (given to me last week, half a flat of nearly dead geraniums that have been brought back to life).   I got some beading done, and some chores done, and just a little bit of all the things I wanted to do. It really did feel good to have a day that made me feel like myself again. I hope to have a whole bunch of days like today, next week when I have very few commitments on the horizon. The rest of summer is going by so fast. A week of down time I believe, then a week of birthdays, ten days at moms, back home and then back to school the following week. Where has it gone? I am ok with it, believe it or not, I am really looking forward to Fall, to my son going to high school and to my opportunity to find a ranch and move. I look forward to spending the winter getting settled and unpacked and being all ready to start up my garden and some chicks when spring comes. I am pretty excited about what Fall means to us this year in particular. I am tired. Beat, actually. I feel great about all I got done today, and I can’t wait to get just as much done tomorrow. I REALLY can’t wait for the weekend to come and go so I can really focus on what happens when I get back from my visit with mom. Looking forward to buckling down and finding a cozy little ranch to set up shop in. There have been a few so far, but the timing just hasn’t felt right yet. Ok, friends…I am tired. Blessings to all…until next time.