Beads, the flu, and a wedding

So the hubby took off today for his the wedding, we are going to follow behind in the morning. I am still getting an abundance of weird drama phone calls, from people I have not heard from in years. It is the strangest thing. I am in a great place today though. I made one of the prettiest necklaces I have made in a very long time. It took all day but it turned out pretty beautiful. I am pretty excited about it. My husbands parents showed up around noon to take him to the wedding, and at about twelve fifteen, my son called with a headache. I went to get him, and he was red, clammy, warm, and complaining of body aches everywhere…ugh! This could throw a damper in our wedding plans and at this moment I am counting my blessings that we did not all go today. It is a good thing it is less than two hours away.

Munching on a piece of pizza and taking an opportunity for computer time on this cold, wet, but lovely evening. I am starting to feel like myself again, one day at a time, although I am still quite thrown off by the random dumps of drama on a daily basis.

Have I already mentioned that we decided to do shoeboxes for one of our churches Christmas programs? I was at the craft store the other day and I got some of the coolest little ideas. I found a bead store online, called It is a dollar store for beads and I could not be more excited about it. I have read the reviews and they are stellar.I can’t wait to place my first order.

A bunch of people have already started offering goods and services for the silent auction. I am pretty impressed by that since I have not even started planning it yet. It looks a bit like the two guys have the concert under control, and the other girl has the dinner under control, so I think I can start doing the silent auction. I was thinking maybe a soup dinner, or soup feed, or whatever you call it.

Not much to say today. I spent the majority of it buried in beads and wire. Have a wonderful evening all…