Blueberry muffins

Tonight, I went to and found a recipe called “to die for blueberry muffins”. They are cooling on the stove right now and I can’t wait to try one! I harvested my first radish of the season and a baby carrot that really was premature but I wanted to call it a baby carrot for harvest sake. Also made some pudding pops…remember those. They were so yummy. I can only hope my homemade ones are as good. I am still in that weird daydreamy place. I so desperately wish that the sun would come out and stay or at least some heat. My poor veggies are drowning. I am in serious need of sunlight. I just don’t function well when the sun doesn’t show. I am having no problem making lists of things I want or need to accomplish….what I am having trouble with is following through with those lists. I have garden stuff, household projects and chores, and paperwork type responsibilities, and really, I just want to daydream about future ownership of land. I cannot imagine how to get there, just have faith that God has a plan for the Rescue Ranch. I have no desire to do the little projects and tasks because I am focused on the big picture…I am sure that if I could focus on those small projects, maybe I could get to that homestead. I am quite ambitious about the urban homesteading but I really look forward to the Rescue Ranch being in operation. I look forward to a reason to be up early in the morning. I love early mornings but it is way to easy to hit snooze when there are no immediate responsibilities. It’s pretty amazing when I look back at how the little details all point to ranch skills. I could never have seen that in my future years ago. I look forward to doing God’s work on a business level. Really, I think I feel like I need a purpose bigger than what I feel I have now, and that I long for the stay at home mom with a job role. I want a purpose bigger than my tiny little family. I long for the opportunity to show others the love of Jesus through caring and compassionate works. Not because I have to but because I wish that everyone could feel the quiet joy that comes from loving Jesus and understanding unconditional love. I look forward to hostessing a Bible study group at the rescue ranch one night a week, and a clothing closet for people in need. I look forward to helping those who need help find their way, and hopefully watching others fall in love with God the way I have. I am really excited about getting together a group of volunteers and dropping off fresh veggie boxes to those in need… I am excited and focused on the future. How do I focus on now so I can get to the future?