Crazy day!

Woohoo…two posts in one day. Its a crazy day! I had to come here. I had to talk to you folks. You see, I did something crazy today. I am nervous as can be about it, and don’t know why. I am hoping to find some affirmation that I did the right thing, I suppose. You see, I was raised that hard work is where it is at. That nothing comes for free. I have done so much hard work to get to the place where Rocky Mountain Rescue Ranch could provide for this community, but I am held back by lack of funds. Aren’t we all?  The problem I run into, is that it has to be a working, for profit ranch, that operates non profit programs off of it. Details, red tape, that kind of stuff. So, that makes fundraising very hard. I am sitting, waiting, getting up and happily putting one foot in front of the other every day. I ask my good Father what He wants form me for the day, and I do my best to achieve it. Today, while looking for a way to help a friend who is far away, I found something, or rather, re-happened across a page I found four months ago. is a page where you can do private fundraising. I was curious, started filling in the questionnaire  and before I knew it, I have  my own private fundraising site for Rocky Mountain Rescue Ranch. I really didn’t mean to go live with it, and before I knew it I got a page that said, Congratulations . Part of me is thrilled about this. Part of me is incredibly nervous. It can’t hurt, but I feel ludicrous asking people for help with the start up costs. Everything is ready, all we need is access to a ranch, and a few supplies, and we are on our way, and so, I have a wild mix of emotions about starting a fundraising page, but I am going to try it, because worst case scenario, nothing happens, and best case scenario, we finally get the center up and running for real. Oh someone tell me I am not crazy, please! Am I afraid of success? Is this a fear of rejection? Is it wrong to ask for help getting this community resource going. I have no doubt I can maintain it once I secure the grounds. I have no idea if this wild mix of emotions is self doubt, or fear of rejection, but I am facing it. Head on! Wish me luck folks.