Well Hello my friends. How was your week? It has been quite splendidly meandering its way through Fall here. Snow in the mountains this morning made for quite a delightful sight. Its crisp, and the fire has been burning. Its just divine out there. I love wrapping up the Summer months and preparing for a cozy buckled down winter. The chores are gratifying. One last mow for the year, putting up veggies and herbs for the winter. The quiet season. Oh how I love the changes that the seasons bring. My doorstep has been busy with delivery persons. Donations coming in for the Ranch. Products to test. A leap into the world of ordering household necessities over the internet to avoid trips to town. Oh the luxuries we live with today. Sometimes it makes my brain spin, thinking about the pace of life out there. How do people keep up? It takes all of my time to maintain this home, these responsibilities, work, and to build a ranch. Fitting a book in there is a trying challenge, but I talked to my sweet husband, and he was so supportive in encouraging me to focus on the writing if that is what I feel called to do. I had a most amazing spur of the moment meeting with the Pastor of a local church and we talked for hours. What an uplifting week it has been! I am finally adjusting to Celiac disease, and have survived the detox process and finally feel better. Finally seeing the benefits of going without all of that gloriously horrible gluten filled comfort food. I am accepting that unless I grow my own food at home, even such things as innocent as organic vegetables can be possible gluten contaminants, and that contamination will be something I have to face no matter how clean my diet. One of the really sweet  products that I was sent  at a reduced price in exchange for my honest opinion about them was a set of four bamboo cutting boards. They showed up last week but I have been feeling so good that I have been playing a mad game of catch up all week and am finally sitting down to share my opinion.

Aren’t they nice? I really like them. I was able to throw away all my old plastic ones and replace them with these four. It comes as a set of four. They are nice bamboo boards. I chopped my asparagus with a smile tonight. They washed nicely in my. The variety of sizes is useful in my house and the large one has a juice groove too. It could easily double as a cheese and cracker tray for the holidays. The service was quick and overall I am quite satisfied with them. I hope that they last a long time. If you want to check them out for yourself, you can find them here.

Its getting late folks, and it has been a long busy day. I will see you soon my friends. Have a lovely evening and the sweetest of dreams. God Bless.