Down Time

Oh My goodness, what a week it has been already! Guests in town. Illness and injury, and a lacking internet connection due to this lovely Montana weather, brings me to you today with a pile of goodies that have been landing on my doorstep just waiting for me to tell you all about them. And boy oh boy did I get some real goodies this last week! Where shall we start? I think the first item to arrive was this lovely hanging bag for the shower. And excellent addition to our home, will come in very handy with all the kiddos who stay with us for respite care. I look forward to putting this toy hanger to use. It is large enough to hold quite a few decent sized items, the mesh seems strong and durable and there are four strong suction cups. I believe this baby toy hanger for the shower, made by Toy Organize,  will last us many years and see many clients. If this sounds like just the right item for your bathroom toy clutter, you can check it out here.


The second item I received was a lovely pink durable crossbody messenger bag. The construction is incredibly durable, the bag is adorable, and again I look forward to putting it to use in my not for profit organization, as I am always looking for a good bag that is big enough to hold my file folders but not so big that I feel I should be about to get on an airplane for an extended visit. The one thing about this bag is that I do not think that I will be able to close the zipper with manila files on board but that doesn’t matter much to  me. I love how many pockets it has and the zippers appear to be of durable construction. I look forward to getting many years of use out of this bag, and I love the bright colors. They help me to embrace my eccentricity ;). If this bag sounds like just the right bag for you, or maybe you know someone who would love one just like it for Christmas, you can find it here. Please pardon my upside down picture. Having all kinds of weird tech problems, but hopefully will be replacing this laptop soon and then I can come back and fix it. I will fiddle in the meantime and try to get you folks a proper right side up photo. Meanwhile, here is the very awesome bag I received free simply so I could tell you all about it.


The list gets more and more exciting as I move through the pile of goodies I have received. The first two items will be so useful in the non profit I founded for these families in need, but these next two items speak to the homesteady me.

I am thrilled to tell you about this Master Culinary herb scissors kit I received. It is a multi bladed scissors, and it comes with a stripping tool and cleaning brush. I am truly thrilled for my Spring herbs to come up so I can put this scissors to really great use. I have recently learned that I have celiac disease, and if you know anything at all about that, then you know that I am best off growing my own food, which works out ok for me because this is something I have been aspiring to for many years now anyway. I always have such a hard time processing the abundance of herbs as they come in and this tool is going to make it soooooo much easier! Thrilling. I love this scissors. If you are interested in one for your own herb processing needs, or for a stocking stuffer for you kitchen/homesteading friend, this is the scissors for you. Get yours here.

And finally, the item I have been most excited to tell you about. As I have probably stated far too many times already, I recently learned that I have celiac disease. If you have never had to consider gluten free, you probably don’t understand. My feelings are hurt consistently by people who think gluten free is a fad or a foodies opportunity to be high maintenance and draw attention to themselves. I have struggled so hard with this. I don’t enjoy drawing attention to myself, I dont enjoy being high maintenance, and it really kills me that I can no longer just grab some food while I am out, as I have yet to eat anything prepared publicly and not be contaminated, even by foods that claim to be gluten free. People just dont understand that just because you changed the flour, that does not make them gluten free. People who have never researched celiac or gluten intolerance have no idea how deeply gluten has been inundated into our food system. How many folks think to look if the nuts they are adding to the gluten free maple pecan muffin they are selling have been processed in a facility that also contains wheat, or that oats are also highly contaminated with other gluten containing grains.  Every single time I try to eat a gluten free food in public I am contaminated and it has made taking a day out incredibly difficult to plan for. Imagine my joy when I was offered the opportunity to try a gluten free great kids snack box subscription at a greatly reduced price just for sharing my excitement about it with you.  Let me tell you, this box does not disappoint! I opened it up to find it bulging at the seams with a fantastic assortment of safe, gluten free snacks. The reasons for my joy are multiple. Not only am I new to the gf diet and learning a ton with every new meal, but I am at a loss as to some things to replace some of what I can not have any more and this box has given me a ton of new ideas. New items that I had never even heard of, that I can try. I plan to put some of these items into my car for a snack fix when I want a day in town but don’t want to find myself starving with no good quick options. This food box is truly a Godsend and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for some healthy gluten free options, for adults and children alike. Some of the food is clearly for tots but as long as I am getting good, healthy food in my body, I truly don’t care that I am eating food packaged for children. I will order this box in the future. I will recommend it to my gf friends and to the parents of gf children whom I encounter through the non profit. When the non profit is more established and can afford a monthly subscription charge, I will consider ordering a subscription to this box to feed to clients also, as many of them have diet restrictions which this subscription would help us to overcome. Thank you Great Kids!!!! I LOVE this box! Since I do my work for free while I get this non profit established, it may be a couple months, but I hope to be ordering another very soon! Seriously folks, if you are Gluten Free I highly recommend you check these guys out!

Ok, I think that is all I have for you today. I hope you find something here that piques your interest. Down time ticks away and I look forward to another lull in the chaos of this week so that we may visit again. Thank you for reading, my friends. Until next time, have a most blessed Christmas season!