Fall and Spring

Hello Everybody! It has been quite brisk the last few days, which leads me to think about my favorite seasons, Spring and Fall. Today we had blustery little snow flurries. It lasted about ten minutes and you had to be watching or you missed it! I was driving in my car, and I had an overwhelming desire to shout out, with great excitement “It’s snowing”! I realized that would be silly, as there was no one with me to share my excitement, and I don’t even ski. There is just something about the changing of these two seasons. Winter is cold, and seems to drag on forever. Summer is hot, and uncomfortable to do much, but Spring and Fall are almost always perfect! I love the seasons of change!

Today I worked with an “average” child. It is so much different than working with special needs and emotionally disturbed children. While I had an excellent time with the young lady, I really do prefer, and have a knack for the needy. Kids, animals, people…I attract them like bees to pollen! More importantly, they attract me. I am finally content knowing that all of the struggles and hardships I have endured for the last thirty seven years prepared me to be a beacon of hope and light to the less privileged. I am honored to bear responsibility like that.

I have spent endless hours praying to The Good Lord to lead me in the direction I am intended to go next. I have promised Him that I would do my best to follow His will and to try not to let my human intentions get in the way, but to please let me know blatantly if I miss the cues. In the last couple of months, I have felt called to work with kids. I am surprised to find most of these children are young, under five years old. My human mind presumed I was to work with teenaged foster boys, because it seems like no-one wants them. I was worried about finances, and letting it hold me back, and somehow, that seems to be slowly working out too, almost in a forced way! I have questioned what is next, and had such strange, yet blatant things happen. Blue Cross/ Blue Shield called me and asked me to get certified. Does that really happen? I had no idea insurance companies called random citizens and asked them to get certified. The therapist who recommended me is willing to represent me under her license until mine goes through. How cool is that? And flattering…it says a lot to me that she was willing to do that. I have never felt as appreciated in my life as I do today. I feel like the last month has made up for twenty years of trying to be good enough for someone and failing over and over again! I feel respected and valued and that is a wonderful feeling! Today I went and met my coordinator, and started the Certified Therapeutic Foster care provider program. I am really looking forward to continued evolution in my work with these children.

I also got the rest of the supplies that I need to start my stationery making project tomorrow. I will take pictures and post for you. I have high hopes. I believe that it is going to be quite rewarding. That is another thing that has started to pan out for me. I have always doubted my ability, as one person, to make enough handmade items to host a farmers market booth, but I have been keeping a bucket for finished items, and in a very short time I have created a surprising inventory. I am pleased with that and thankful for the blessing of time to work on the crafting that I so enjoy! I had the opportunity to pop into the craft store yesterday, and just happened across some two dollar grab bags that turned out to be great buys. I picked up four of them and again, feel as though I am being showered with blessings!

My sick friend has been doing well. She was tolerating her treatments exceptionally well, and then they realized that her weight had been written down wrong and that she had been receiving thirty percent less medicine than she needed. That was kind of a bummer piece of news. There was good news also though, that her appetite was a strong as ever, and that she is gaining weight. I will take that news any day! The fundraising efforts that I am managing are amazing! The love that strangers share is just wonderful! I am shocked and I would not have predicted this kind of support. I guess I am thankful to have any reason to have my faith in humankind renewed! I see so much pain, anger, and selfishness in people every day, that it is really quite pleasant to see so much love pouring out!

The more hurt I see in people, the more blatantly aware I become of the direction this world is going. It is just not natural the way we live. I will be honest, that stresses me out. I become more and more desperate for my little piece of land every day. I desire a place where I can rely on putting my hands in the dirt for most of my food, and to raising my own meat. I look forward to a slower pace of life. I realize it will be busy, but less pressurized, also. I look forward to the smell of woodsmoke in my wood-stove and the sounds of my husband chopping firewood while I bake bread or sew a quilt. I look forward to waking up before the rooster crows at sunrise, to have my quiet morning time and get breakfast and a fire started, and even though the days will be longer, they will be quieter, and more natural. I truly think that we could eliminate a lot of disease and trauma that we currently face just by getting closer to natural. I believe our relationships would be more stable and I believe that there could be generally less chaos in the world if we could all just slow down a minute and get closer to natural. You can see it in everything we do, and yet somehow we keep missing the point. We wear natural fiber clothing, and eat organic food, we recycle and we have gas prices far to high to be wasting it. We have a general consciousness of our selves telling us we need to get back to natural, and yet, somehow we keep missing it along the technology superhighway. The speed limit just keeps getting faster and faster on that superhighway, and I fear that the brakes will not hold if we continue to accelerate! We are heading towards an inevitable high speed crash, and there is some sick, twisted, irrational part of me, that can’t wait to get a little closer to natural, even if it is forced on us.

Lately, I cannot stop fantasizing about what kind of property we will be blessed with? I find myself daydreaming about log cabin walls and what kind of space we will have for a chicken coop and a pantry. I wonder will we be blessed with an awesome barn, or will that be something we have to build as we go? Will we have beautiful, rich, black soil? Or, will we have the typical Rocky soil of these mountains that takes years and years to amend? I wonder where I will find a good south facing home for my tire garden? I am so very excited for the day we know we are standing on the Rescue Ranch property.

Well, it’s past the time of night when the thermostat turns down for the evening, and my nose is cold. It is supposed to be a whopping seventeen degrees with snow tonight. That is my indication to call it a night and snuggle in warm with my hubby. Sweet dreams all, and a blessed day!