Fantastic Fall Mornings…

Ahhh…. What a lovely day it is today. Hubby and his buddy are off hunting today. I hope they get something! I am up early. It is brisk and fall like this morning. The grass has a nice crunch to it when the mutts run across the frozen ground, and the smell in the air is so refreshing that it wakes  me up upon first contact. I had a great day yesterday, working on paper between other projects. I made banana nut bread, and banana nut cornbread muffins. I also made a big crock pot full of homemade chicken vegetable noodle soup with half a fryer I had in the freezer. It was outstanding! The banana chips turned out good as well, and even hubby, who doesn’t like banana chips, enjoys them. I have a nice, quiet morning to wake up for church and prepare myself for the day. I look forward to another productive day, and finishing the batch of pink floral paper. I look forward to our sermon today, as we are currently studying the beatitudes. Last weeks sermon was very refreshing and I look forward to more. Today I focus on Zucchini and crookneck squash, both of which I need to finish putting up for the year. I need to iron the paper that is dry and finished. I need to find inexpensive boxes to package it in. I suppose I ought to get our Halloween costumes ready as well. It took me two days, but I finally found the costume my son wanted so desperately. Acupuncture does the weirdest things to my body. Most of them feel like they are good for me, but sometimes it just plain feels like my guts are rearranging! I love that the pain in my face goes away almost instantly, and I recommend acupuncture for anyone with severe pain! I am cold, and wanting to climb back in my bed, so I think I will hit the shower instead. Good morning all, and a blessed Sunday to you!

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