I have focused all of my energy on the upcoming fundraiser, and let me tell you, I am exhausted. Well, I take that back, I was getting there, but I got some good sleep last night, and today I am very refreshed. I am however, feeling the extra responsibility of managing an event like this one. I am enjoying it, and so far the only thing that has really gotten me in an uproar, is the dang printer. I could have seen that coming a mile away, and was prepared for it, even forewarned my husband! You know how some people can’t do computers, and some have the hardest time with cell phones? Well, forĀ  me that is the dreaded printer. It doesn’t matter how simple it is to plug the two cords in and slide in the disk. It doesn’t matter that the directions are so simple that they don’t even include words, just pictures. It is always the same. Printers hate me! I let my house get away from me, so if I am going to continue to organize fundraisers, then I am going to have to learn how to manage my chores and the responsibilities that come with charity work. My brain has processed so much information through it the last few days that I have almost no focus at all, and I feel an enormous amount of pressure to organize my thoughts and get hoppin’. Somehow, I can wrap my brain around the idea of doing that, but whenever I think about it I just want to go to sleep.

My abscessed tooth is killing me. I just did a cayenne pack. It works awesome within about twenty four hours. It doesn’t hurt like you would think it does. It is so hot that it numbs the nerve endings and within a few minutes it just kinda feels like you had a mild dose of Novocaine. The theory behind cayenne pepper as an antibacterial is that the heat from the pepper draws blood to the wound faster, thereby bringing more white blood cells, and also that is kills bacteria by its sheer heat. Meanwhile, because of the heat factor, it numbs the surface within moments as well. It works as well as any triple antibiotic cream…if not much much better, on a general cut or wound. I make a think paste of cayenne pepper, and a few drops of water, and put it all around my gums and tooth that are sore. Works like a champ. by tomorrow I will feel better. I haven’t done this in a while because the MMS works a little better, but it’s great if you have no MMS or have been consuming citric acid and cannot take MMS at the moment, which is the boat I am in. The Neti pot also makes a substantial difference when my bad tooth is getting me down. The desire to make a big list is consuming me. I think maybe two or three lists are in order today. I think it is time for me to head off and do that…you have a nice day!