Oh my darlings! It has been so long! I have missed you. Of course, start-up has been so busy, and life so consuming, that combined with my hand injury, typing my blog had to get moved to a back burner. I find myself longing for this place, and have moved it back to the front burner. I cannot wait to tell you all how far we have come by the grace of God. A major injury to my hand shortly after my last post has made typing quite painful, but I have learned how to function through it. So much to tell you all! We are finally filing for non profit status with the federal govt. We were granted state non profit status last summer. I have been working with people around every corner to help them achieve growth and healing. God has been my biggest supporter and we are getting this done. It feels the closer we get, the more satan meddles, but I will not let him stop me. God is stronger every time. I have learned to use God as my most effective tool against satan, and to recognize his ridiculous meddling as God allowing him to give me a message or lesson, with the knowledge that I am protected and God will ultimately protect His will, which I am trying to do. I have so much to say that I struggle today, to decide whats important. Instead, I am here to say, “Hello, I have missed you all. I look forward to catching up”.