It is possible to move mountains…

It is possible to move mountains

by moving small stones one day at a time.

We got a probable diagnosis, and this family has a hard road ahead of them. It looks like our girl has a pretty rare cancer, on her kidney. Poor darling. We have a benefit concert in the works and I am going to ask a professional to set up a web page for her. They are on their way to the big hospital where they can get the appropriate care… for a woman who has home birthed both of her daughters, that alone is going to be tough. She was quite excited about her allergy free muffins, and left me with a smile on her face, even if only momentarily. I am sitting here enjoying my delicious mixed fruit leather, and I have a smile on my face. She is going to be ok…we might have to pull her through it every step of the way but she is such a bright, positive little girl…the survival rate if it has not spread is 95 percent. Lovin those odds!

It’s late. I want to get in the habit of doing my Bible study early in the morning, but thus far my morning routine is just not getting established. I am in desperate need of a sit down list making session after the last two days of fog in my brain. Tomorrow I need to focus and get back on task. Looki forward to it so I better head to bed before I can’t get up in the morning.