It’s the little things

Hello my friends! I hope this day finds you well. Today I am focused on the little things. It really is about the little things, isn’t it? Those little pick-me-ups that get you through each day. Lately, it seems people are just so down, and I have really spent a lot of energy remaining focused on the little things, and determined to spread joy, a couple of days ago, after a fitful nights sleep, unusual for me, I woke feeling surprisingly refreshed, but tired. I worked through my morning chores and decided to rest before starting my afternoon business. Just a little refresher snooz. I lay there, bursting with energy and love, feeling so exhausted, and unable to keep my eyes closed. I lie there thinking about the little things, and that rest is better than nothing. Especially rest blessed with positive thoughts on the ways I have been blessed. I am jolted out of my serenity by three barking mutts. Oh hush will you!? But, I must check who is at the door. Its a package! Oh fun! Another little blessing. I spent many years blogging, and always wondered how people became product testers. I had recently stumbled upon the information, and my first product for review was here! Oh how incredibly exciting! I eagerly tear into the box like a child on Christmas morning. Now if you know me at all, you know then, that I am a sucker for bright colors. I don’t care too much about them matching, as long as they are bright, vibrant, and radiate joy. Imagine my joy when I found this beautiful bright pink umbrella in that box!

Oh so thrilling! It’s compact enough to fit in my purse or briefcase, It has what looks to be a very sturdy frame, and like most umbrellas, it has a little pop up button on the handle, which also acts to fold the umbrella down when your done. I cannot wait to try it out when our blustery Montana Spring rolls around. Just the kind of weather this umbrella was intended for. I received this item at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review, and I am genuinely happy with the product. The umbrella can be found here.

Now I really spend a lot of time thinking about how all things are connected, and as I lay back down to try one more time to get that power snooz in, I am thinking about how an umbrella is so symbolic of Gods love. Shelter through the storm, portable and easy to take with you wherever you go, that kind of thing, when my dogs jump to the alert again. Oh my. A nap is just not meant to be. So I go to the door and find yet another package carrier! Oh are you kidding? Two packages in one day and it isn’t Christmas or my birthday!? How exciting!

The second package is a frosty pillow gel mat. I ordered this item because my son has several sleep disorders, and really struggles with getting good rest. One of the ways he combats this, is by stealing all of my ice packs out of the freezer to sleep with. Go figure I can never find one when my back is killing me or when a migraine takes over my brain. I was thrilled when I was offered an opportunity to try this at a reduced price in exchange for my opinion. I opened it up and checked it out. Its very sleek and not bulky. A neutral color and comes with its own “pillowcase”, making slipping it into your existing pillowcase, or leaving it on top of the pillow as viable options for how to use it. The stitching looks to be sturdy and overall it seems like a fine product. The real test is the boys opinion. The mat includes instructions which tell you to refrigerate the mat before use. It feels quite cool without refrigeration, but we went ahead and followed the instructions. First thing the next morning, boy reports that he was cool most of the night and that it worked quite well. He even went so far as to say that his neck felt better where he had slept on the mat. I didn’t catch whether or not he refrigerated it last night, but this morning he asked me if I had done my review yet, and reports that he is still happy with it. The mat can be found here. The company has been generous to provide me with a discount code so that my readers may also receive this item at a reduced cost. Just go to the link provided and enter the following coupon code for a 30% discount. 30TMSN15

And so, I spend another day thinking about the finer things in life. The little blessings. Mail that isn’t bills. Ways that God protects and comforts us, and the symbolism present in every moment of everyday life. I am thankful for companies like this who are willing to share their products in exchange for my opinion, and I am thankful for little blessings on my doorstep.

May this day leave many blessings on your doorsteps, my friends.