Well, I made it home. Driving was uneventful, and I am so proud of my son. What a road warrior! He rode in the car with me for 22 hours, and didn’t complain once. He learned how to be co-pilot, and how to read a map, and I gotta say, he did excellent. Vacation is vacation, as usual. We are having a fabulous time. I am enjoying seeing my family so much, and it is the first time I have really been back here since I have outgrown my childhood demons. It is nice, different than the atmosphere I am used to, and I suppose I am having a little bit of culture shock.  I am not quite ready to go home yet, still lots I wanna see and do before I go, but I tell you what, I have some serious anticipation and excitement about getting home. Summer will be wrapping up, kids all over the country are already back in school, and we are fortunate to start later than most. I suppose that is great right now. Its less than fabulous when everyone is out of school and we are still going, but I think it has something to do with the growing season where I live. We plant late and so harvest time is a little later too.

I have big plans for when we get home, although I did decide to extend the trip by a day and spend more time in the hills. I am looking forward to getting my boy ready for school, doing the school shopping and working out routines. I am really excited about buckling down and looking for that rescue ranch. I am looking forward to really focusing on my farmers market aspect of things, and getting some creating done. I completely dropped the ball on my facebook Bible Study, and looking forward to getting that up and running again.

I have had a headache for the last two days. Not sure what is causing it. I am looking forward to writing a long update, but having trouble putting it all in focus from the midst of it. About a million thoughts are running through my head. I am processing things like, coming home for the first time in ten years. The differences, and what has not changed. I am thinking about what I am going to do when I get home, how it feels like we made it through this crazy summer, and it almost feels like I am going home to a fresh start.  That leaves me with tons of anticipatory thoughts. I am looking forward to finding that ranch, and a new church to go with it, I feel SO alienated from my own church, and it has been so long that I have been there, well, I want church, but not sure where to go, and not comfortable in my own. The reasons I am not comfortable in my own have been so long past now ( I think it has been three or four months at least) that I can barely remember what they are, well, not true, but I do feel like they are less raw, those wounds, than they were. Still, I just don’t feel like they are the family that I once perceived them to be.

Anyway, it has been a fabulous week. I have had a lovely time, and I look forward to  a few more days of it. I also look forward to the rest of my travels and tourism with my son, and a great fresh start when I get home. Many blessing my friends! Till next time…