Good morning my darling friends. Today I feel called to talk about Love. I feel compelled to grab every single one of you by the shoulders, and say “Your making it too complicated! Its simple! Just love!” People are focused on the wrong things these days. It is heart wrenching, and I have vowed to myself to be a force of love through all of this 2016 ugliness, but that is a hard task to fill when so surrounded by negativity, bickering, and a nation of people divided to the very core of its standards. A world of nations divided by political and religious differences. It is hard work, but I challenge you, each and every one of you, to remember love. When you are feeling impatient, when you are feeling wronged, when you are feeling like the minority, and when you are feeling unseen, I beg of you, remember love. Love is the force that heals. Love is the solution to our problems the world over. We need more love, less hate, and less competition. We need to focus less on greed, less on our fancy cars and our bigger houses. We need to focus more on intention, on savoring the simple moments. Mass produced toxic food has replaced healthy, lovingly grown food, and more people are hungry than ever before. Focus on gun laws fills our news feeds, yet there is more gun violence than at any time in history. People are starving, freezing, and going without a hug or a friendly smile today, while we bicker about bathrooms and taxes and who should run our country. We are focused on the wrong things, people. We should be focused on love. In our major cities, bathrooms are being replaced with open air urinals and legal public urination. Our country is in decline, and only our love will fix this. We need to stop bickering over every little detail. We need to accept that life hurts sometimes, life is unfair sometimes, and we are all the minority at some point in our lives, and we need to start working together. We need to do it in the name of love. We need to love like Jesus did, to heal this bleeding abscess. The blood is coming from our hearts. It is coming from the pain of our world, the bickering and lack of connectedness. We are so busy trying to make sure that we are all treated equally, that no one says or hears something offensive, that we have become a wold that is offended by everything, that offends everyone. The exact opposite of our goals, because we are fighting about what love should look like. We are fighting about who should be loved and accepted ( immigrants, transgenders, and racial minorities come to mind). We need to stop bickering about who is worthy of what, and start looking for real solutions in loving ways. Love hurts sometimes, doesnt it? We all know this. Life is gonna hurt too, its not possible to have a pain free existence on Earth. Its not possible to not be treated unjustly on occasion. We need to bond together in love for our earthy brothers and sisters, and love, love, love, with everything we have. We need to look past peoples differences and faults, because we have just as many of our own to worry about, and we need to accept people for all their beautiful, glorious, God given differences. People say they love God. They say they trust Him, but then they walk around with anxiety, depression, worry, self pity, and shame.
When you trust God, you know that those things are unnecessary parts of life. That no amount of worry will change an outcome, it will only steal your joy and ability to appreciate the finer gifts in your day. When you trust God, you know a love so big, that you realize that despite your mistakes, you do not need to escape into drugs, or fill a void with a fancier car or a bigger house. You learn that you do not need to rely on anyone else for your peace and contentedness, and you swell with love.
When you know God, really know that love and trust, you shift your focus from earthly success, to an eternity in Heaven, and you realize, that none of this stuff really matters. You realize you were focused on the wrong things. The light bulb comes on, and the rest comes relatively easy. Patience is easier to find. Acceptance is easier to find. Forgiveness is easier to find. Gratitude is easier to find. When you have these things, you can see through the fog of greed and selfishness we are encumbered by, and you find that love is the result. Love, empathy, and acceptance. You learn to live, let live, and enjoy the smell of the apple tree you are passing by.
So few people understand the deep, deep reality of unconditional love. People cant wrap their brains around a God who will not quit them. People have lived treacherous, pain and turmoil filled lives, all the while wondering why a loving God would allow such pain and suffering into their world. This fills us with shame, and we fail to see the love. We fail to see that every single foul play that he allows satan to throw at us, every single curve ball he lets get by home plate, they are all acts of love. They are acts of love which allow us to grow. Much like when we allow our children to make mistakes, so that they may learn. We do this out of love. Out of a desire for them to become a better person. We allow our children to be angry with us, and we do not give in to their every whim and demand, because it is not what is best for them. Why do we think that because God allows us to feel dissapointed in Him, that it means He must not love us? We allow our children to be dissapointed with us out of an opportunity for them to grow and learn. Why would our Heavenly Father not allow us the same opportunities for growth? Why would He not allow us to skin our knee, so that we learn not to break our leg? Consider that every challenge is in fact a blessing in disguise. Consider that every trauma is an opportunity for us to hear our calling, Both on Earth, and beyond, into eternity. Consider, for just a moment, what would happen if you shifted your focus a little further out? What if, instead of thinking about what we want to achieve for next week, next month, next year, or our lifetime, what if we expand our horizons into eternity? What if we consider all of our challenges to be blessings, preparing us for our work in Heaven? What if, God is letting satan challenge us so that we may be prepared to do the work of angels? Look at your children. Is there a single thing that they could do to make you quit loving them with every cell in your body? Then why don’t you understand that He loves you that much, and so much more than you can fathom in this Earthly, human realm. All He wants is for you to reciprocate as much of that love as you can in this lifetime. Love. Love is what is really important. Because He loved you so much that He sacrificed His Son for you. Because He loves you so much that He built you a perfect world. He wants you to focus on love, in this imperfect world, and to set your sights on a further horizon. He wants you to to know unconditional love, and He wants you to perpetuate it. We are focused on the wrong things people. We need to tune the station to love. We need to fight satans hate. We need to fight being divided. We need to look past our differences, sins, and faults as unique as our fingerprints, and we need to LOVE. Because God does, and its what He desired from us. Love. We need to turn the focus to love. Unabashed unashamed, uninhibited, organic and raw, Love. We need to set aside our fears of it not being reciprocated, and we need to get focused on Love as if our lives depend upon it (because they do).