Nerves settling

Good day my friends! Well, my nerves are settling from that crazy move yesterday. I have a little more clarity, it makes sense, and I am getting great feedback on the fundraising page. I have left the fear behind, and I am ready to see this grow. I learned I have to raise a certain amount for it to be available on the search page, so if any of you are interested in checking it out, here is the link.  Once it reaches one hundred dollars, it will be available from the search page. Meanwhile, its not so intimidating any more, and I am feeling pretty good about it. Its in God’s hands, and if this is what He wants me to do, it will raise the money, and if not, nothing really changes. I think though, after considering the epiphanies I have had this last week, that maybe there is a reason it went live yesterday without my intending to do so, and am feeling pretty full of faith about it. Thanks for listening through this scary part of the journey folks. I am glad I have come to the safe, not so scary part. I faced a huge fear yesterday, asking for help, and hoping people will believe in me. It is easy to believe in myself, I have God on my side, but asking others to believe in me, that is hard! Thanks for your support guys! I really appreciate you taking the time to listen. Until next time, many blessings….