Pen to paper

Today I just have a desire to write. Nothing in particular, and a whole lot of everything on my mind. I have found my brain to be full of fleeting thoughts today. The latest being my resume. I was thinking about qualifications I might possess. It just went in and out, but was a moment of passing moments. Times and things I have done to gain the experiences necessary to Rocky Mountain Rescue Ranch. I feel inclined to write a timeline, or a resume that details my preparedness for Rocky Mountain Rescue Ranch. This is something I need to do for me, I think, so that perhaps I can see more clearly what I should be focusing on. I want to ponder on Bible study tonight, and the upcoming weeks in my life. I want to reflect and wander through my brain. I am tired, but not too tired to think. I want to process through the shock that I feel after the benefit, and the shock waves bouncing in the aftermath…beautiful shock waves of support pouring in, as a result of news coverage of the event. I want to ponder on my husbands possible opportunity, and I am desperate for some crafting time, but I have to clean first, as chores were desperately neglected last week while I was busy preparing for my event. All sorts of fleeting thoughts, but I got stuck on the timeline thought. I feel a compulsion to sit down with a pad of paper, and outline how my life has prepared me for Rocky Mountain Rescue Ranch. I feel compelled to detail my childhood and my teen years, as well as my education, parenting background, humanitarian background, and non-profit and ranch work. Somehow, I think this is supposed to give me some perspective. i am not sure what yet, but I will let you know when I figure it out. For now, I am going to do that. Nitey night all…

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