Pretty exciting!

Well, this is pretty exciting. The fundraising page is slowly earning steady donations. Its not huge, not tiny. I have become comfortable with the idea of asking for help, have gotten great feedback. I even added a link on this blog.  I am starting to daydream on some of the realities of it. For the first couple days, I just watched, to see what would happen, if this was meant to be, or merely a fancy figment of my imagination? Its been just over two days, and I now have enough donations to feel confident that this is happening! I have been planning this rescue ranch for years, since the day I gave my life to Christ and He gave me my path. There has never been a more amazing moment in my life, and I have always known that this is really what God wants me to do. I have made mistakes along the way, but He always turns me gently back to the path. I know I will make more mistakes, but that He will always guide me, because I am doing this for Him, because I am sure it is what He wants me to do. Today, after years of envisioning it, of trying different ideas on paper and in function, after moving forward, falling backwards, and moving forward some more, I am finally seeing it come to fruition. I could not be more thankful to all the folks who have shown support along the way. I had a goal for a first donation, it was met, I had a goal for one hundred dollars, so that the page would go live on the search engine, and it was surpassed. I now have a third goal, and that is to raise enough to be able to start looking for a place. Oh how I long to start really, seriously looking. I am excited about this opportunity to fund raise this way. It gives me an opportunity that I otherwise would not have. I definitely got past the fear. I am excited, full of faith,and feeling the graces of God all around me. I look forward to sharing this part of the path with you. Of putting the trials, tribulations, blessings and joys of this adventure, out there for someone else to be inspired by. It takes courage. It is scary at times, hard at times, and incredibly fun and rewarding at times. I cry as many tears of joy as I do tears of frustration or sorrow, maybe more of joy even. I get ahead of myself, and then I get a taste of humble pie. Oops, check yourself girl! I pick myself back up, and I head out again. I will accomplish this, I am determined, and today, I feel the grace of God safely guiding me through it.

Today, I want to talk about Jesus for a minute. I may offend some, and I apologize if I do, but what I want to talk about is Jesus and Love. How Jesus is Love. They are the same. Do you ever hear a conversation, and well, it follows the normal thinking patterns of the natural person, but somewhere, deep inside it just feels wrong. I think that is Jesus speaking to us. I think that is our spirit, our hearts, telling us “this is not what Jesus would do”. I can give the example of immigration conversations off the top of my head, and this is where i think I may offend some. It is meant to be a simple example is all. do you think that Jesus would condemn refugees for coming across the border to hide here? I hear people making racist comments, or saying shameful things about someone, and even though it is accepted generally, that people may even have logical arguments, my heart says that Jesus would never, ever say something like that. Jesus is LOVE. What He utters is love, acceptance, patience, forgiveness, humanitarian efforts. He wants us to take care of the weak and unable. He wants us to love each other and pray for our enemies. Jesus loves everyone. He grieves for the sinners. He grieves for those who are unsaved, because He loves even them. Jesus is LOVE. I can’t get it out of my head and my heart today. I find the kind of love that Jesus exhibits in the humanitarian efforts that I participate in, and regularly think about how I want a heart just like His when I grow up. I love Jesus so very much. Thought for the day…Jesus is Love! Love is Jesus. Whichever way you measure it, I hope it opens a door of joy for you today! Many blessings my friends!