Rain Rain go away

My goodness, we have had some serious moisture this spring. We have successfully flooded ND with all of our snowmelt. I have had this raging infection in my jaw due to an abscessed tooth! Mouth pain has got to be the worst. I have had the hardest time focusing this week. I got some new seeds, and this great greenhouse, but I can’t bring myself to go out in the wind and rain to garden with this stupid face ache. I find that the more I read and learn about gardening, the more I want to try and the more I want to grow. I have some nasty little army worms that have effectively destroyed one of my Columbine plants this week, but tomorrow, when all threat of rain has passed, they are doomed. I have not been able to get myself excited about the garden this week through the cloud that has come with this infection. I look forward to a bright sunny weekend that is pretty well devoid of obligations other than gardening. I got some cool Cauliflower that I have never seen before, and picked up a few seeds that I had barely heard of before this spring. I also ordered my fruit trees for indoor container gardening the other night. I am so incredibly excited about the prospect of growing fruit in my living room. I have also become aware of how much fruit grows naturally in Montana. I wonder why more people don’t grow fruit here? I need to go to bed. I always find myself at the computer late at night. I am just waiting for the ibuprofen to kick in and the throb to come down to a dull roar. In the am I will have been on antibiotics for twenty four hours and should start to feel some improvement.  I am going to try and get some good garden pictures over the weekend and load them to the blog, so I can share my excitement. Have a great night all, and Happy Gardening!