Recycled paper, banana chips, and acupuncture

Today was a busy day. I had acupuncture today, which always does weird things to my function-ability. Today not too much impact. I still came home and made more paper, dried banana chips, did a bunch of laundry, cleaned my kitchen and of course made dinner, finished putting up my tomatoes, and spent quite a while checking every store in town for the very specific Halloween costume that my son wants. I am beat. It has been a productive week with a lot of running around involved. My feet are tired tonight, more-so than usual, and I look forward to snuggling down for the evening. My hubby is snoozing beside me in his super hero jammies I picked up for him today. It’s pretty cute! It is definitely getting cold out. Halloween is here in just a couple of days. After Halloween comes the real cold. Brr… I am glad my garden is done for the season. I am almost done harvesting the tomatoes and peppers that were in containers that I brought inside when it got cold. I secretly have to admit that I look forward to all of the fruit being done and getting those scraggly looking end of the season tomato plants out of  my living room. I am too tired to write much tonight, but felt like I should at least get the basics down, so that I wouldn’t lie in my bed and dwell on them all night. It’s time for me to snooze now. Nighty night!