What a nice day it has been. Wednesday is kinda my day of rest. I don’t get to rest on Sunday, because there is always a lot going on, but Wednesdays…perfectly restful, and so, as a pattern of restful Wednesdays erupts, I have decided that Wednesday is my day of rest. Oh, I still have to do things like make dinner and tend to my families basic needs, but since it is kinda necessary for Wednesday to be a day of rest for my son, it seems almost obvious to make our schedules work, that it would be mine also. I enjoy that I have my Bible Study on Tuesday, and Wednesday is always a nice relaxing day to kick off the first days homework, as I am in a quiet reflective place. Yesterday in Bible Study one of the other ladies told us this book made her reflective. I told her I wrote a three page journal entry on reflection, and never put it together with the Bible Study. I also got to talk to a mom of a teen girl who has similar stomach issues to mine. I hope that I was able to help her find some answers. Have you ever noticed a kinship to Christians. I find that I want other Christians to know I am Christian, and that if I get any hint that they may be, I cross the boundary quickly into finding out if they may be. I love the bond between Christians. The unspoken knowing that we belong to something beautiful. I had an encounter with a Christian today, and didn’t find out she was Christian till later, but I wanted to call her back and say ME TOO! Yay! Weird? I guess a little huh? I suppose it has to do with that feeling when you know for sure that Christ is real and that The Lord is our saviour. It is something you cannot put into words, and you can’t convince a non-believer…they have to experience it for themselves, but there is something about knowing God is real…that changes the way you feel about all of life. It brings a sense of peace, a calm. It brings a joy and contentment that you just cannot explain. I told out Bible study teacher I thought the book of James was the key to happiness in life, because when I learned those things, is when I gained true peace and contentment, and she looked at me, shook her finger at me like I was nuts, and then told me that I was the second person that day that had told her that. I am curious who else told her that. I would love to talk to them! I know we are not that far into James, but I am standing by it. Key to happiness. If you want to find happiness, find understanding from James.

I am so desperate for snow that I find myself not able to sleep on nights when there is snow in the forecast, and when i wake up and it hasn’t snowed, man it just makes me grumpy! I have faith that the snow will come tonight. Please God, we need snow! Well, I am tired and keep getting distracted, so later, I guess… night my friends!

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