What does one say on a day like today. Every muscle in my body is in protest, and I am oh so tired… I am numb with shock and joy, and so overwhelmed with the beauty of last nights event that I cannot even wrap my brain around it yet. I think we raised around fifteen thousand dollars for my friend with our benefit event! Wow, wow, and double wow! I have a pile of things in my living room that need to be sorted, but it hurts to walk. Owie…but so satisfied and relieved! I had hoped I could pull this off well enough to not be embarrassed or make a fool of myself, rather, with a little help from some friends, we did something beyond my wildest dreams and I have a huge sense of achievement. I am so thankful to God for doing great things through me! At least this one thing was pretty great, and gives me renewed strength and spirit to move forward on the rescue ranch. I am also going to start a cookbook fundraiser now for my friends…Holy heavens I am tired. Just a quick update on our event and a humble Thank you to my dear creator is all I have today. Take care my friends!