Spring thaw!!

Oh the cabin fever! I Have been going stir crazy waiting for the thaw. This is not me. Typically I don’t get cabin fever until much closer to Spring, but I think being sick and bedridden so long has really got me antsy to get to doing productive things. Plus, I am craving sun so badly that I would drink it if I could. Straight up starving for it. I finally got well enough to start poking around online again, and you can’t imagine my excitement when I received an offer to try this garden bag free if I was willing to do an unbiased review in exchange.

Felt like Christmas in February. Well, obviously my ground is still frozen solid. Until three days ago we had two feet of rock hard snow to contend with. Thankfully, it has melted substantially the last couple days and I have been able to start getting outside to begin to evaluate the earliest tasks I can do to get a head start on Spring cleaning out there. The greenhouse is hitting 50-60 degrees each day and I might be able to get some cold season things started out there very soon! How incredibly thrilling!!!!!

I looked at the weeds I neglected to pull when I put the beds to sleep last year. I cant stop thinking about the day the ground is thawed and I can fill my new garden bag with all the nasty weeds to get rid of. Unlike my wheelbarrow, they wont fall over the sides of this bag as I walk them to be discarded, and I am sure it will hold much more than my wheelbarrow does. The bag seems to be of fairly sturdy construction with reinforcements where the handles are sewn on. There is an extra handle at the bottom to make dumping it easier. Its got a pretty large capacity, 30 gallons, as you can see in the photos above. It also has handy little clips on each side so that it can be compacted for easy storage. While I will mostly use it for hauling organic matter, I believe it is durable enough to haul tools in, though I would not risk carrying sharp garden tools in it, as it is made of polyester and I believe certain tools would puncture it. Still, It could also be used for many other things. Holding outside toys or wet swimsuits and towels to be transported to the laundry maybe? I look forward to finding as many uses for it as I can! If you want one (or two) for your home, you can get them here.

Spring isn’t here yet. The sun is going down, the air is cooling, and on that note, I must get these pups out to potty one more time before the sun disappears behind the mountains and it is time for me to get those big juicy Valentines steaks that I have marinating for my guys started. Much love to you all! Hurry Spring! Hurry! Until next time, may your days be full of blessings and sunshine!