That first irreversible step

Good day folks! It is a gorgeous day. Cool and rainy, but I have found that those are my favorite days any more. I am settling in nicely, the “jet lag” of driving for two days is passing, life is returning to normalcy.

As my day wore on yesterday, I started thinking about the reservation dogs, and did some research. Checked my daily message from God, which I know is just like a horoscope, and I rarely check it, but yesterday I felt compelled, and it was so perfect. Told me that my time is now, that in order to pursue our dreams, we sometimes need to takeĀ thatĀ first irreversible step and for me that time is now. I spent my day focusing on my dreams, deciding how to get the order that summer steals from us, and establish a good routine. I left my garden in the care of a friend for a week and a half, so you can imagine how wonderfully prolific it seemed when I came home and it was so much bigger. Now that the heat finally broke things can grow again. I am so thrilled, and I bet I walked through the garden a dozen times yesterday, checking out all the new growth. As I spent a day in my home, wandering through my garden, researching how I can help reservation animals, daydreaming about that first irreversible step, I felt all of that icky just dissolving. It rolled right off my back, and by the time my friend was ready to chat through it with me, I had absolutely no desire to talk about it at all, as a matter of fact, I would say a strong aversion to the issues. That in itself felt so incredibly good. I was able to just let it go. Move past it into the positive place that is my life now. Just a simple, thank goodness that is over, and moving forward. The dreams are so big, and they just keep getting bigger. When I sit back and look at it, it seems like an impossible dreams, the rescue ranch, but in my heart, not only do I know it is possible, I can see it in functional order in my brain.

I made a random list last night, of the words that are spilling out of my brain. I decided that in order to keep my thoughts pure, I was going to write about each of those words, and what it meant to me, in a letter to God. I was going to pray for strength and wisdom in each area. I made it about a third of the way through the list before I couldn’t focus my eyes, but I am going to finish today, and I am pretty excited to see how I feel once I have shared all of it with Him. I know that when I give Him my concerns and worries, that I always feel so lifted up and renewed. A lot of the words are just things I am thankful for, full of praise and gratitude, and you know what, I am most thankful for? I am most thankful, for how blessed and thankful I feel. I just never could have imagined this kind of gratitude in my life before I knew Jesus, and it is an overwhelming sense of joy. What a gift!

I am back, the icky feelings managed themselves, with a little help from above, and well, life is good, thank you God! Until next time, have a blessed day my friends!