The cycle continues

And here we go, time to do it all again. It is Sunday afternoon, Hubby is off to work, and boy is getting himself geared up to go back to school, after a week of being very lazy. It’s not true…he wasn’t so much lazy, as different from the norm. Instead of school, he went to the hot springs and on respite missions with me. He had play days with other kids and was fairly busy the majority of the time. It’s just fun, instead of school. I am sitting here thinking about my list, and what my week holds in store. I have a client who needs so much more than I can give her. It’s hard to say no to her, but I know that I cannot see her and cater to her every day without wearing myself down. I have been going, going, going for a week, and I desperately need down time. I will not be effective for her or my own family if I do not take it.

Well, it is Monday now. Too many distractions to finish up last night. What a strange day today seems to be shaping up to be. Last night I was doing laundry and dishes, and the water backed up both in the laundry room and in the kitchen. I had been running water all day with no problems, but all of a sudden the large amounts of water coming out of my drains have me concerned. I believe that the only factor that changed was the abundant amount of snow, and I can only hope it is just vaporlock, and that when the snow melts the problem will pass. I should know this afternoon. We do have a huge amount of snow, and it is possible that it will snow another foot over the next twenty four hours. It would be good if it was just vaporlock, as my husband is out of town for two weeks and I have no idea what to do if that is not it. I guess I will be spending time at the laundromat. My showers, sinks and toilets still seem to be draining, but they put out much smaller amounts of water at one time.

I am becoming increasingly aware of American’s quick rise of poor gut health. I am suffering from poor gut health, and it is a doozy, the way it can turn your life upside down. I am slowly becoming an expert on gut health, and It pops up in front of me every single day lately. Everywhere I go, people are sick to their stomachs. Every source of media talks about the causes and factors of gut health in some way. I was pleased to find a book called “Makers Diet”, at the thrift store on Saturday, and I am pretty thrilled about it. I have always had a hunch that if we got back to living off the land more like God intended, we would be a whole lot healthier. This book confirms my hunch, and the diet itself does not look too hard, as a matter of fact…it looks pretty darn tasty and fulfilling, go figure! I think I am going to have to start a section for gut health and share my findings, as a lot of people seem to struggle with it.

I love the Weather in the Rockies! I love that one day it can be 60 and sunny,and the next we wake up to a foot of snow! It is wreaking havoc on home, as it is affecting internet performance, water availability, due to vaporlock I hope, and television reception.I have to do a couple errands this afternoon, that I am dreading, but I am going to go for it anyway. There is a foot of snow, with an inch of ice under it, on those roads, and I am not anticipating that the snow will stop soon.

I am finally very motivated with some focus in the forefront again. I feel as though I have been a slightly ineffective person in the last few weeks, although It is not true, I have not been effective at the things I have planned on getting done. Nice to have focus again. The incessant aching in my neck and shoulder is getting a bit old, and slows me down a bit, but I can forget about it occasionally. I believe that an Epsom salt bath and stretch session are in my near future. I think I might even throw some Rosemary oil in there for that dang shoulder!

I made a pretty tasty cream soup tonight. With just me and my boy here for dinner, we eat a lot less more simply than we do when Dad is home. Neither of us has a very large appetite and quiet frankly, a full meal is just too much food. We had some delicious toasted garlic bread. Dinner was awesome. My boy is tucked into bed, and I have nothing profound to say today. Later, my friends, and God Bless!