The daze

Good day Folks! How is everyone today?

We have had a long and exhausting week, but all in all, good. Poor hubby tried to remove a hand with a grinder, at work, on Thursday, and had surgery to repair it yesterday, so you can imagine how exhausted we all are. He is on the mend now, and I am still on the search for the right property for us.

It seems that everyone is fighting something this last week, and I wonder how much the season wrapping up has to do with it? It seems everyone is so emotional and ready for Spring.  I know I cannot stop daydreaming about my garden, and wondering if we will find something before its too late to get a good start. I have daydreams of rows and rows of brassicas and tomatoes. I can’t wait to hear the birds singing first thing in the am. I look forward to more melty days than frozen ones, and I imagine that being cooped up is making everyone a little more emotional than usual.

I have done deep soul searching with many of my friends this last week. People keep telling me I should be a therapist. No thank you! While I love sharing my insights, I imagine sitting in an office all week listening to peoples hardships, is a thankless job, and quite heavy on the heart many days. In all of our struggles this week, I have been able to feel the hand of God holding a bubble of protection around us, as if He knew we were gonna need this week, and this trauma, to go as smoothly as possible, and I felt Him just kinda guide us through it smoothly. It was quite wonderful to be so aware of His presence through it all. A lady even bought my lunch for me when I forgot my wallet in the waiting room. I keep thinking I want to call the sandwich shop, and leave a message for her (she was a hospital employee, and the cashier knew her name), and leave a message for her, that at the moment she bought my lunch, it was like an angel just swooped down right from Heaven to take care of me. The most ironic part is that the cashier called her an angel.

I really feel a sense of satan trying to attack and distract us, and I am blatantly aware that he is causing the struggles and hardships, and I can feel my Father, holding him back at arms length, just outta reach. I am immensely thankful for that protection. I have a slew of emotions to evaluate, but don’t really have the energy to process them. Looks like some deep journaling is in my near future. I know that the right house for us is out there, and all I can really focus on is finding it. I am going to spend my day packing and preparing, because I hope to get on with it as soon as possible. I wonder if it is worth it to start my indoor plants? I have so many containers, I could really just do a container garden, and take it with me if it takes too long to find a place. Clearly, I am just needing a place to process random thoughts today. Hopefully, I will find a place before it is time to start indoor starts, and it will be a non issue. Oh I have gardening on the brain!

I just walked into my sons room and found my client removing screws from my sons laptop. How do you spell caniption? I had a straight up fit! Looking forward to moving forward. All in all it is a wonderful day. I have a general feeling of exhaustion, but I know it will pass as the rest and recovery ensues. I hope you all have an incredibly blessed day, and can feels the arms of protection around you too! Till next time….