Tis the season to horde fru-uit fa la la la la la la la la

Good morning and welcome! I encourage you to grab a cup of coffee or tea and get comfortable, as I have much to ramble on about today. My last post deleted as I was trying to submit it and I did not have the patience to start over with it. So, I will include that info today as well. It was Apple dumplings. I found the most delicious recipe on Allrecipes.com. I love that web page. I use it a lot. I happen to have two big barrels of crab apples just waiting to be processed. Patiently waiting their turn. And let me tell you they are more patient than a lot of other fruits and vegetables. As I was wandering through allrecipes last week, I noticed an apple dumpling recipe that I happened to have everything I needed to make. I gave it a try. My husband looked skeptical when I told him about them, but he is a changed man. I read the review….it looked great. I am so glad I tried it. Holy cow this is yummy!  here it is  http://allrecipes.com/recipe/country-apple-dumplings/detail.aspx

It is worth your time! I think that is would be good for after school on a cold snowy day or on a holiday morning when you don’t have to be anywhere, but it is a little time consuming to do first thing in the morning….unless you, unlike me, jump out of bed bright eyed and bushy tailed and rearin to go….it might take a little longer than you like. I will still do it in the mornings, because I have plenty of time before my boys get up. Enjoy….

So now that I got last weeks post out of the way…wow what a whirlwind the last few days have been. It seems like tragedy is everywhere. I try to stay positive, look at the bright side, and thank The Lord for my blessings rather than ask for too much, but this week I feel like a beggar. I want to fall down on my knees and plead with Him, and it is purely selfish. I don’t want to lose a loved one. She is darling, sweet, so much like an angel that I am afraid He is calling her home. My best friend, who had a baby ten days ago, was told yesterday, that her five year old daughter has an enlarged spleen. I got some information out of her but she was a wreck. It was not enough for me so I looked it up. There really is no best case scenario. When your spleen is sick, it is because something else is causing it to work to hard…either filtering dead red blood cells or making white ones, or maybe both. What that means is that some unidentified disease is causing her spleen to work to hard. The fact that the spleen could rupture is a secondary emergency, to finding the cause of the defense system being activated so hard. This poor little girl is so much like an angel, and her mother…can you imagine? I ache for them. I want to just hold them as tight as I can and pray it all away. I know The Lord has his reasons….and I know I am being selfish, to an extent. I really don’t want to see this little family hurt so badly. The things they are looking at are things like autoimmune disorders, heart disease, bone marrow or other cancers… it really is quite traumatic. I just got a phone call from the woman I nanny for. She is starting a business that produces homemade, dairy, egg and gluten free baked goods. She is going to bring me a batch of carrot muffins to take to my dear friend. About a year ago my friend developed severe allergies to all three of these things overnight…woke up one morning itchy and purple splotched. Without divulging her entire personal life…she has more on her plate than one could handle without a good support system. All I can do is pray.

On that note, praying… the next topic in my thoughts. I have been in a very good place for a little while now. I have been in very bad places in my life, and while many people would not consider my current place a good one….I feel like I am surrounded by blessings every day. The amount or lack of money in our lives holds no bearing on my ability to feel blessed. I have a roof over my head, plenty of clothes to keep my warm, food when I want it, even if it isn’t what I want at the moment, it is nourishment. I have a fantastic husband and a wonderful son, both of whom love me very much. I have awesome, healthy pets and a few good close friends. I mean really, what more could a girl ask for? I am overflowing with blessings, but being so happy about all the glorious blessings in my life has its downfalls. I often find it hard to talk to people, both Christians and non-Christians seem to be so full of negativity. I used to be the same, but as I have found my joy, I really see it in others. Even when disguised by a smile, most people are complaining, alot of the time. Most of these people have more than I do in terms of wealth possessions. Most of them don’t wonder how they are going to buy groceries next. We always eat well, sometimes I just have to be creative, and some times those meals taste better than anything I have every made. I am blessed. I always have been and as a child I knew it too. Somehow, young adulthood warped me into having a poor me attitude, but through lots of hard work and determination, the happy, blessed me is back! The sermon on Sunday addressed this issue, along with the issue of our prayer life. I feel like most of the time, my needs are met, and when I pray, I find myself spending alot of time saying thank you! I have noticed that other people spend a lot of time asking…that almost an entire prayer is please Lord help with this and bless this and fix this and give me strength…you get the point. I ask for strength and direction to do His will alot, but other than that, aside from personal communications, I mostly just want to tell Him I love Him over and over again. I want to thank Him for making my life turn out so wonderful and for the awesome future I look forward to with Him. This came up in church on Sunday and I felt like I knew exactly what the Pastor was saying. I feel uncomfortable listing the favors that I want from God. He has a plan, I just want Him to help me understand why? It is not natural to me to list the things I would like Him to “fix”. I assume they are just the way He wants them for the moment. Today, I feel like a beggar. My best friends child is sick and I want to plead for her life, even though I know she would be better off with Him anyway. Don’t get me wrong, she has a great life, but c’mon now, who can compete with Heaven?

I traded some babysitting last week for some food…peaches in particular. A ton of them. I have been processing peaches for days! I decided not to can them. We have a bunch of canned peaches, so I dehydrated them, and made fruit leather. It is taking forever but the house smells deliciously peachy. I am hording fruit. We eat some much of it here. It is by far a favorite snack in our house fresh, frozen, or canned we eat a lot of fruit…and tis the season to horde and process it at a good price (free or nearly free). I then use the horded fruit to make fruit leather, add to hot cereal, or cold if you like. We eat fruit fresh and frozen with cream over it, we eat it in baked goods and as a side dish with our dinners.

I am working on putting up the garden just as fast as I can process food…

Last night we had our first hard frost…

I have done a lot more research on Rescue Ranch logistics and I have a much better idea where I stand financially, and what is reasonable for me to expect, as well as more info on what kinds of licenses and permits I will need. I have spent a little time researching venues to sell at and what their requirements are.

I had better get that care package ready to take to my friend…her muffins will be here soon. Until next time…have a blessed day!