Welcome Spring!

With the first day of Spring upon us, I cannot help but think of the cycles of life, particularly death and rebirth. We ushered Winter out with a huge snowstorm yesterday, and I wonder how my Chives, Crocuses, and Tulips are doing under all that heavy snow. I am sure they will be fine! I love the way God planned the seasons. Just long enough that change comes about the time you can no longer stand the weather. The intrinsic’s of His plan make my head spin, when I think about more that just the six days he created us and our home in. When I think deeper than just breathing and eating and sleeping, or the way that the wind feels or the sun on my face, but about the energy that flows between all living beings, the way the cells of things adapt to meet their needs, the very find details of how all atoms and cells work together. When I go to a scientific place, it just amazes me beyond words how intrinsically He ties us and our environment all together. The fine details are more than we as humans can come close to wrapping our brains around, but oh how I would love to sit down and have a discussion about this with a Christian scientist.

This shoulder pain is becoming too much, and I have a call in to the Acupuncturist. I hope she can see me today. I am losing sleep, as I can’t sleep through the pain any more, so I am hoping she can see me today, as it is really starting to be too much. Prescription pain relievers do nothing for me, except turn me into a space cadet, and I am pretty sure that massage therapist I went to made it worse. Now I am a believer in massage, and even enjoy deep tissue work, but he really worked it so hard that three days later it is still swollen worse than it was to begin with. That is no good! Ahh…Acupuncture tomorrow will fix it. It always does. It is pretty amazing how debilitation pain can be. Two blog entries in a row now, I have taken a full day or more to write them, and have had absolutely nothing worthwhile to say. I look forward to feeling better after acupuncture tomorrow morning, and hopefully catching up with some of the chores I have not been able to face through the hurt. I get distracted easily, and have to get up and move around alot. No position is comfortable for more than a few moments. There are so many things I would love to do with myself. I am pretty excited to get a new camera, so that I can take pictures and upload them here, as well as post some of my goodies on eBay.

I have never really wanted much as far as material things go. I have been blessed with the understanding of materials, and how much importance they bear, compared to things like say, time with my husband and son. I have always been happy to just make the bills each month. DOn’t get me wrong, there were some years of poverty in there where I most certainly found myself wanting. I still find myself wanting but generally, my “wants” could often be called “needs”. Well, my needs are met, and have been for quite some time now, and I find myself in a strange place of wanting things that are not needs. Things like a camera, to post my products on eBay, and a new vacuum, because I have three broken ones now, and when I want to clean the floor really good, I have to use at least two of them together. I would love ONE good working vacuum! My third want is a new sewing machine. I have a decent sewing machine that I bought for 60 dollars thirteen years ago, there is nothing wrong with it, I just want a new one. I have a very nice antique sewing machine that I could set up also. It works great, as everything built in America so many years ago did, but I still want a new one, just as selfish as the want gets. That is it. Those are my wants. I know it is selfish and silly to want to replace things that still mostly work, but I am going to splurge on each of those items in the upcoming days.

As far as pampering myself goes, I have started to figure out how to balance that into my week, and I have my haircut scheduled for Thursday. I wanted a cut and color, so I bought a box of die, and I am going to color it at home before I go to get it cut on Thursday. My compromise for frugality. I will probably do the die tonight, although it may wait till after I get stuck tomorrow, because it would be much easier with two arms. I have three projects that are five to twenty minute projects, and I have not been able to make myself tend to them for some stupid reason that I cannot explain. I don’t know what my problem is, I just keep avoiding them. Ugh! I gotta go to bed, try again tomorrow! Nighty night and God Bless…