What a week it’s been!

Well, nothing has gone as planned for the last two weeks. Visitors who were supposed to visit didn’t. Both of my guys got sick. One day of school this week, after two sick days, only to learn that there is no school tomorrow or Friday. I have been trying to stay motivated to keep moving forward despite a house full of germy men! I am really uncertain how I will structure the ranch, as there are both for profit and non-profit aspects of it… Feeling quite confused on this aspect right now! I need to feed my mutts so that I can officially call it a night, but my husbands boys night is running a little long and I can’t feed till visiting mutt goes home! I harvested my tomatoes and peppers today. I also had two eggplant still hanging on strong in the greenhouse. As of today, the garden is officially harvested! I have a stack of tomatoes and peppers to process, and a bunch of zucchini and squash to deal with as well, and the next few days should be nice and busy. I can get it done Tomorrow or Friday, but I think once the weekend comes, I am tied up for several days! I start a new respite care job this week. It is funny how things have panned out the last two weeks. Things I never saw coming just cozied right up in my life and made themselves comfortable. I had a phone call from Blue Cross Blue Shield asking me to please get certified to do respite care, because I came highly recommended and I would be a gem to the community. Because I am not certified, but came highly recommended by a highly respected therapist, they are going to write up a contract for me to do respite care for the family. I am pretty excited about that. he financial aspects of the rescue ranch make no sense to me, but I am going to get ahold of SCORE for some help structuring the business, and that should help tremendously with perspective. I have most of the business plan done, with exception to structure and finances…. I can answer any question someone asks me about how or what I am planning, but putting it on paper in a business format is tough! I have decided to make a ten year plan this evening. I think it would help me alot if I could write it down that way so that when I go to score they will be able to understand what I am getting at without a two hour explanation. I guess I need to go take care of responsibilities now! Later.