What a week

My goodness, what a long road my friend has ahead of her! After finding what appeared to be a kidney tumor on Tuesday of last week, she was rushed to Seattle to have a cantaloupe sized tumor and what was left of her left kidney removed. She has cancer in her lungs and blood….

Thank The Good Lord today was the first day back in Bible Study! I am so glad t is fall. I am physically and emotionally exhausted, and I am trying desperately to stay focused on any task that doesn’t revolve around that poor sick child. Every quiet moment in my day, and even some very daydreamy moments where I just tune out my surroundings, have been filled with prayer and thoughts of love for this family. I find myself halfway through changing the laundry, and look up to see I only halfway unloaded the dishwasher or put away only part of dinner. It’s pretty ridiculous, really, how distracted I am by this little light of love in my life that is burning so dimly today. I got to talk to her today. It was the first time in a week and it felt marvelous! I thought I had a lot to say…but thinking about Miss Stella Blue has left my brain empty again. Until I summon up some more words from the depths of this sadness…

I feel so blessed in my life. I see so many with so much more than me, so unhappy. I see so many with so much less, who could have so much more. I want to pray that God would work on the world as a whole. I wish he would soften everyone’s hearts a little bit, and build compassion to come naturally in all people. I wish it seemed logical to pray for everyone to be saved.

Think how much less disease, famine, and overall sadness there would be in the world if Jesus was the light that led us all…think how powerless Satan would be!

Bible Study was fantastic, but I ran into some hard moments. I feel as though Christians who grew up in and have only known a Christian household have such a different view than a Christian who was raised without knowing the joy of Jesus, and saved later in life. The two perspectives are so different. I am one of two women in my Bible study who were not raised in Christian households. Regardless of different perspectives…I love and cherish every one of the women in my Bible study group! I am so thankful to be blessed by them in my life today!

Tha’ts all for tonight…very scattered and random thoughts today. I hope acupuncture today helped put me back in order. I will know tomorrow. Night all!