What are you perpetuating??


My loves! What on Earth is going on? We all know the popular concept that if you smile at a stranger, they in turn will smile at another. Darlings! Look around you. How are your facial expressions today? Today I sit back, feeling grounded, and watching the countries response to this election. I am not shocked at the response, but I have thoughts on it. Lets start with confidentiality. Remember once upon a time when who you were voting for was private information? I think that this election has been a shining example of why that was a good policy!! People are torn, divided, and hateful today. I woke up to a Facebook feed full of people who voted against the winner, calling the entire country names. Using vile and vulgar language to condemn every one of the people who reads their feed. I am an American. When you say F*** you America, I take that a bit personally. You don’t have any idea who I voted for, and your comfortable publicly telling me to F off? Isn’t this the division and hate that you were fearful of in the first place? Isn’t this exactly the type of vulgarity that you are condemning the President elect of? People! If hate and division are the very things that you are afraid of, then why are you perpetuating it? We must all decide right now to stop hating!! Hate perpetuates hate, regardless of if it comes from a red or blue state! How can you show some love and empathy to those who are hurting today???
The fear. So many saying they are scared. Can we admit that any outcome is scary? That our world has turned into a scary place? That it’s gonna take more than a United States president to change the fear? It would have had a fear factor to it no matter how it turned out. I believe the majority agreed there was not a candidate they liked, and so, doesn’t that lend to the notion that fear would be an issue regardless of who won? What causes fear? The unknown? Helplessness? How do we combat fear? Education and activism. This country has a billion problems to solve, regardless of who the president is, and this country is strong, we know how to come together in a time of crisis. Instead of letting fear drive us to beating each other up for who the winner is, can we use that fear productively, band together as Americans, and solve some problems? Can we collectively agree to work together instead of shaming and blaming each other for the demise of this great country? How about we stop calling our friends jackasses and start creating think tanks with them? A much more productive use of time, maybe we could solve some problems instead of bickering about them.
For those who want to leave or refuse to acknowledge our new President elect, I wish you well. I do not have a sarcastic “Get out” at hand. I do feel that you are part of the division problem. That you don’t like the problem so instead of working together to support our nation and find solutions, you choose to be the very division that you fear this change will bring to our country. You are choosing to remain divided from your fellow countrymen, and I hope for you, that you can quickly resolve the conflict within yourself and find a way to become a force of positive problem solving. That you can rejoin your fellow Americans in working toward a better country today, tomorrow, next week. Regardless of how you feel today, a presidential term lasts but four years. A blink of an eye in the grand scheme of time. Today is not the day to give up. So you don’t like your circumstances? Your choices are to give up and live with them, or to think outside the box to find ways to change them. The helpless “I hate you all and I am disowning you now”, well, to some it seems quite immature and childish ¬†and it creates nothing positive. Hate creates hate. Discord creates discord. Love creates love. Empathy creates empathy. What are you perpetuating today? Are you choosing hate, fear, name calling, division and disappointment, or are you rising above it to be a force of light and love despite the overwhelming negativity in the air today? People. We are the American people. We can band together, or we can divide. Today is the day for you to choose which America you wish to see in the face of adversity. Today is the day for you to be that voice. Will you rise above and love, or will you sink to the very levels of hate and vulgarity that you are protesting? Lets stop attacking each other, and band together in the love and unity that we wish to see. What is the quote? “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. What are you perpetuating today?